When Dogs Don’t Like Each Other…


“I have a lovely dog who gets along well with other dogs in dog parks and doggy day care centers.  But there is one dog he doesn’t like and it poses a problem when they get physical about it…”


Well, it happens with people, too; sometimes there is one person you just can’t stand.  With humans, there is usually a reason why you don’t like someone; but dogs, well, they aren’t going to tell you and so it can remain a big mystery.


Often, the problem goes away on its own after the dogs become better acquainted; socializing dogs properly to each other is key to avoiding trouble.  Sometimes, the dislike doesn’t go away and dogs must be kept separate from each other.  


If you have a dog that is aggressive toward many other dogs, consider working with a trainer to correct the problem.  It might not work, but it is worth a try, especially if you want to be able to trust your dog in environments where there are other dogs.


When dogs are in a physical confrontation, it’s important that the owners break it up quickly and calmly.  How the owners react is key; if there is yelling and tension, it can escalate the confrontation between the dogs.  Separating the dogs and talking to them calmly will often quickly end the tension and the dogs will go about their business and forget there was ever a problem to begin with. However, dogs that continue to show aggression must be removed from the dog park.


There are plenty of good articles about this topic on the Internet.  You might enjoy starting with this one:



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